Empowered Strength with Child Care

A workout class designed to make strength training approachable for those with children

Empowered Strength, a workout class designed to make strength training approachable. Led by Heather, L1 CrossFit trainer and Doctor of Physical Therapy at Onward Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics, pregnancy, and postpartum care, this class offers a unique blend of expertise, adaptability, and a supportive community. Whether you are working around an injury, maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy, transitioning into postpartum movement, embarking on the journey of menopause, or simply starting your weightlifting journey, this class welcomes all backgrounds and experience levels.

The class will follow programming separate from Kulshan’s normal CrossFit classes. We will begin with lifting exercises with a focus on form and technique, ensuring that you feel confident while performing them. Following the lifting portion, we will engage in a workout that gets your heart rate up and then will conclude the class with a segment that focuses on core and pelvic floor exercises. Heather will provide coaching and modifications tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a safe and effective workout.

We understand that juggling fitness and childcare can be challenging. That’s why we are excited to offer free childcare during our class from 10-11 am, allowing you to focus on your workout while ensuring your little ones are well taken care of.

Empowered Strength is more than just a workout class; it’s a community of like-minded individuals supporting each other in their fitness journeys. Come and discover the incredible benefits of strength training, both physically and mentally. Together, we will build strength, improve fitness, and embrace the incredible capabilities of our bodies.


Wednesdays 10am-11am


1 class drop in $25
5 class pack $22 per class
Included with all Kulshan CrossFit memberships (unlimited and 2x/week options)